As our collections evolve, our preferences change. We might lose interest in a canvas or discover others we'd rather stitch. Whatever the reason, we often end up with supplies that just take up space. We're here to help you recoup some of your investment. We accept canvases, threads, stitch guides, books, and accessories.

Here's how it works:

1. **Send Us Your Items:** Mail your items to us, including your contact information (phone and email).
2. **Inventory and Pricing:** Within 10 days of arrival, we'll inventory your items and send you an itemized list with listing prices.
3. **Price Reductions:** Prices remain fixed until our bi-annual price reduction dates on June 1st and December 1st. Each reduction is 25% off the current price. If you don’t want your items reduced, contact us before the reduction date to request their return. Shipping costs to and from us are your responsibility.
4. **Unsold Items:** After one year, unsold canvases will be donated to charity.

**Commission and Payments:**

- We charge a 45% commission.
- Payments to consignors are made monthly.
- We handle all buyer shipping, advertising, and listing.

**Accepted Items:**

- **Canvases:** Must be like new with no distortion, no threads removed, and no attached threads. Prepackaged kits are not accepted.
- **Threads:** No wool, partial skeins, spools, cards, Perle cotton, or floss.
- **Accessories:** No beads, magazines, vintage books, needles, standalone stitch guides, used stretcher bars, finished items, scissors, or used lights.

**Important Notes:**

- If you have questions about what we accept, call us first.
- If contact information is not included with shipped items, we will assume they are donations.

We look forward to helping you streamline your stash and make the most of your investments.