Thread Info

Pepper Pot Silk has long been beloved among needle pointers for its beauty, versatility, and wide, generous array of lustrous colors.

A single strand composed of 3 thin plies of 100% silk, Pepper Pots palette covers 266 colors including solid and variegated hues. Pepper Pot Silk is designed for 18 mesh; however, it works equally as well on 13 and 14 mesh. 30yd Skein.

Vineyard Silk is premium 100% Chinese Silk.   Vineyard silk can be used on all mesh sizes as well as other needle art disciplines.  It is available in 240 solid colors.  This thread is non strandable.  30yd Skeins
Vineyard Merino Wool is 100% Merino Wool.  It is available in 240 Solid colors.  This is a nonstrandable thread.   30 yd Skeins
Silk & Ivory – This thread can be used on needlepoint, cross-stitch, crochet and knitting.  This thread is made in Switzerland and is a 50/50 blend of silk and merino wool.  This is a non strandable thread and good on 13,14,16 and 18 mesh canvases.  Available in 250 colors.  28.8yd Skeins
Very Velvet is 100% Nylon.  Comes in 93 colors and is made in Italy.  Good for needlepoint 13 and 18 mesh.  Cross-Stitch 7-9 count.  Look like velvet and is good for garments. 10 yd cards.
Petite Very Velvet  is 100% Nylon.  Comes in 93 colors and is made in Italy.  Good for needlepoint 14-18 Mesh and cross-Stitch 9,10 count.  15 yd cards

River Silk 100% silk ribbon.  Sizes 4MM, 7MM, and 13MM.  All sizes available in over 250 colors.  Woven with Selvedge on both sides making it the most durable ribbon available.